Profit & Loss

RevenueNotes2015 2014
Revenue from operations (Gross)22₹86,193.46₹78,153.34
Less: Excise duty₹1,688.59₹1,106.12
Revenue from operations (Net)₹84,504.87₹77,047.23
Other income23₹1,085.92₹1,742.00
Cost of materials consumed24₹58,120.59₹46,549.36
Changes in inventories of finished goods and work-in-progress25₹244.23₹3,148.24
Employee benefits expense (Net)26₹5,909.17₹5,295.43
Other expenses 27₹11,808.77₹15,357.04
Profit before depreciation/amortization, finance costs and tax₹9,508.03₹8,439.16
Less: Depreciation and amortization expense 12₹4,365.04₹4,063.01
Finance costs 28₹2,830.28₹2,964.04
Profit before tax ₹2,312.71₹1,412.11
Tax expense
- Current tax₹91.52₹414.57
- Provision for Tax for earlier years₹77.48₹0.00
- MAT credit entitlement₹77.48
- Deferred tax (Refer note 37)₹85.93
Total tax expense₹177.45₹431.58
Profit after tax before minority interest₹2,135.26₹980.53
Minority's share of profit in subsidiary companies₹1,444.85₹246.63
Profit/(loss) for the year₹690.41₹733.90
Earnings/ (Loss) per share [Nominal value Rs. 5 (March 31, 2014:Rs. 5)]38
- Basic ₹2.63₹2.79
- Diluted₹2.60₹2.79
Total tax expense

Balance Sheet

RevenueNotes2015 2014
Shareholders' funds
Share capital2₹1,315.88₹1,314.74
Reserves and surplus 3₹26,672.30₹27,177.60
Minority Interest - Equity shares₹2,486.21₹1,011.78
Minority Interest - Preference shares 2₹1,076.44₹1,076.44
Non-current liabilities
Long-term borrowings 4₹26,159.93₹28,034.54
Deferred tax liabilities (Net) 5₹5,696.62₹5,608.87
Other long-term liabilities 6₹645.31₹1,187.41
Long-term provisions 7₹395.54₹250.36
Current liabilities
Short-term borrowings 8₹1,883.80₹4,991.60
Trade payables 9₹24,634.13₹6,509.70
Other current liabilities 10₹6,129.67₹10,524.55
Short-term provisions 11₹1,059.08₹613.91
Non-current assets
Fixed assets 12
- Tangible assets ₹46,489.34₹49,053.74
- Intangible assets ₹124.53₹172.70
- Goodwill on consolidation₹4.68₹4.68
- Capital work-in-progress ₹800.83₹1,145.73
Non-current investments 13₹265.26₹255.59
Long-term loans and advances 14₹1,320.72₹1,059.88
Other non-current assets 15₹58.02₹96.86
Current assets
Current investments 16₹7,783.32₹11,142.54
Inventories 17₹22,082.09₹12,815.32
Trade receivables 18₹11,300.53₹6,373.80
Cash and bank balances19₹3,327.48₹1,408.29
Short-term loans and advances 20₹3,434.58₹3,556.58
Other current assets 21₹1,163.53₹1,215.79


Revenue2015 2014
Cash flow from operating activities
Profit / (loss) before tax ₹2,312.71₹1,412.11
Adjustments for:
Depreciation and amortization expense ₹4,365.04₹4,063.01
Interest expense ₹2,364.64₹2,453.06
Interest income ₹968.04₹1,408.60
Loss on sale/discarding of tangible assets (Net) ₹28.97₹1.95
Provision for impairment of tangible assets ₹0.00₹12.45
Loss/(Profit) on sale of current investments ₹100.89
Dividend income ₹35.67₹12.87
Provision for doubtful debts and advances (Net) ₹37.65₹39.71
Bad debts and advances written off ₹0.00₹96.59
Employee compensation expenses (Net) ₹36.47
Sweat Equity ₹28.96
Exchange adjustments (Net) ₹750.67₹205.05
Operating profit before working capital changes ₹7,445.65₹6,575.23
Adjustments for:
Trade and other receivables ₹5,101.93₹10,114.43
Inventories ₹9,266.77₹10,215.45
Trade and other payables ₹16,179.10₹24,206.20
Cash generated from operations ₹9,256.05₹2,698.91
Direct taxes paid (net of refunds) ₹244.79₹428.94
Net cash from operating activities (A) ₹9,011.26₹2,269.97
Cash flow from investing activities
Purchase of fixed assets (including capital work-in-progress) ₹905.75₹1.00
Sale of fixed assets ₹11.52₹92.39
Purchase of long-term investments ₹9.67
Sale/(purchase) of current investments (Net) ₹3,258.33₹1,086.76
Dividend received ₹35.67₹12.87
Interest received ₹986.98₹1,426.01
Net cash generated from/ (used in) investing activities (B) ₹3,377.08₹1,221.60
Cash flow from financing activities
Proceeds from issue of preference shares by subsidiary ₹1,076.44
Repayment of long-term borrowings (Net) ₹5,512.16₹6,342.19
Increase/(decrease) in short-term borrowings (Net) ₹2,994.58₹2,989.62
Payment to minority shareholders on acquisition of stake in subsidiary ₹3.44
Dividend paid to minority shareholders of subsidiary ₹151.89
Dividend paid (including corporate dividend tax) ₹154.67₹152.74
Interest paid ₹2,396.84₹2,681.13
Net cash used in financing activities (C) ₹11,058.25₹5,265.33
Net changes in Cash and Cash Equivalents (A+B+C) ₹1,330.09₹4,216.96
Cash and Cash Equivalents at the beginning of the year ₹857.36₹6,140.33
Cash and Cash Equivalents transferred pursuant to scheme of arrangement ₹1,066.01
Cash and Cash Equivalents at the end of the year ₹2,187.45₹857.36
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